Thirty Five Millimeter

Sometimes I get tired of taking pictures. There's too much to know, you know? Aperture, exposure, all that other noise. Sometimes I just want to surf. Or sleep. Or stay warm. Especially when it's winter. And honestly, I don't really like what happens when I try to capture light correctly. Point-and-shoot, that's the shit I'm interested in. It's easy. Which is why I picked up one of those waterproof Kodak cameras couple of weeks ago. I figured I could snap a few photos while I waited for waves. Or better yet, when I was on a wave. Wishful thinking.

The damn thing was a lot to deal with, though. Around your wrist, it was in the way. Around your neck, it was hard to get your hands on. And with those lobster claws I wear in the winter, it wasn't easy to re-wind. All that to say, I only took ten or twelve photos with the fucking thing. The rest were wasted; taken when I was out of the water, where frozen fingers wouldn't fuck up a photo. Anyhow, here's a few that came off that camera. Funny, but Karissa_Would take all these images, as most of the ones I tried to take didn't turn out. Go figure.

Silver Spoon.

Small Stuff.

Close Out.

Fast & Fuzzy.

Ocean Elk.

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