Not New York

I was in New York all week for work; the International Motorcycle Show at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center just south of Hell's Kitchen. I like New York... a lot. More meat, less lettuce. Anyhow, while I was outta town the wife went looking for waves. I'd been eyeballing the weather report all week, and although I was nowhere near, and certainly in no position to surf what I saw, it looked like there'd be some reasonably sized swell - with big intervals and offshore winds. Goddamnit! I knew it'd be nice. So on Sunday, Karissa and our friend Steve headed west in search of surf. Clearly it was cold. But it sounds like they scored. Follow the link for a few photos of what I missed last weekend.

Fog + Fargo.

Left is Right.

Tony Lama.

Sea Breeze.

Low Water.

Four Eyes.

Karissa_Would take all these images.

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