Nine Eight Noserider

After borrowing a Bing BN Lightweight last month - and surfing a somewhat secret spot down south - I came to the conclusion that I would like one in my life. A 9'8 noserider with a custom color scheme. The board, which Matt Calvani describes as "an overall lighter, more versatile traditional log with all the noseriding functionality minus the weight," comes with a single bass stringer, lighter glassing and a full size fin box. An excellent addition as far as I'm concerned.

So, in order to acquire said surfboard, I've decided to sell a few sticks. A friend already bought my Becker, and, thanks to the salty scum at Stoke Harvester, I should be able to sell the Blue Banana before too long. But what do I want my new log to look like? Howsabout a bright red body with big black-and-white jail stripes?! You can see the shitty sketch I sent to Margaret this morning. I'm pretty sure it'll be prettier in person. And since we're planning to pick it up sometime this spring, I should be able to surf it in So-Cal. Stay tuned!