India Pelican Ale

I drank my first pint of India Pelican Ale after surfing the shore pound in Pacific City this past summer. Nothing's better than drinking a beer on the beach! To be honest, though, I'm not all that interested in IPAs. I usually sip something more subtle - Pale Ales or Pilsners. But that evening, as the sun set behind that big rock, I found something that would forever change how I feel about the British. Kinda.

Originally a seasonal beer offered by the brew pub, the India Pelican Ale quickly became an official offering after numerous people demanded a pint. Made with both Cascade and Centennial hops, Pelican's IPA is full of flavor... but not bitter. And with 7.5% ABV, it'll definitely grab you by the boo-boo! Lucky for me, it's one of the many IPAs available at the Long House. So on our way outta town last weekend I bought a tall bottle. And when the surf didn't show up on Saturday, it was an excellent alternative.