What Happens When

So this is what happens when you wait. When patience pays off. When the wind and the rain stop, and some swell shows up. But how were we to know? When we arrived early that morning there were waves, but there was also a lot of wind - sideways shit. But with nothing better to do, we slipped into our suits and swallowed a fist full of fukitol pills - Joe, Charlie, Karissa and I. It was alright at the rainbow pole. A few fun ones. Nothing to write home about.

After a couple of hours, the wind picked again so we decided to call it quits. Paddled in from the pole, put our wet wetsuits in a plastic tub, shared a shower and then ate a few slices of peanut butter bread. Unfortunately, Joe and Charlie had to get going. No more than twenty minutes after they'd left, though, the wind stopped and the swell showed. What dumb luck. Here's what patience provided us.



Rainbow Pole.



Finn & Ollie.

Purple Point.

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