Smells Like Skunk

When you surf this season, you gotta know you're gonna get skunked sooner or later. But two (cold) nights for nothing!? Four hours and a few hundred miles for even fewer waves. Yea, I know, it'll make the sweet that much sweeter. But sometimes it's just a little too sour, you know? A lot for a little. And I'll be damned if we didn't get skunked last Sunday. We even got up early to see what was shakin'. Bought a cup of coffee at Bella Rosa and ate a big bowl of cereal behind the wheel - no time for foolin' about now. But it just wasn't working. Nowhere. Nothing. So whataya do when there ain't no waves? You skip rocks... and then you skip town.


Gratuitous photo of my feet...

"Smokin' Hot"


Boy Scouts.

Because Bridge.

Gross Coast.

Skippin' Shit.

We gotta get outta here...

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