Brought to you by Bing

When most people get married, they end up with all kinds of shit they already own. Toasters and towels, sheets and silver serving spoons. Gifts from grandma. So when Ms.Would and I were deciding what to do for our wedding, we figured that instead of allowing our friends and family to spend their scratch on that sorta stuff, we'd ask them to help us buy a couple of Bings. We soon heard the screechy sounds of nanny-nanny-boober-cakes. "Surfboards! You guys registered for surfboards?!" Not sure why she was so surprised. We surf almost every weekend and neither one of us had ever bought a brand new board. So why not skip the shit and get ourselves some new sticks?!

A week after our wedding there were two new boards sitting on top of our Subaru - a sparkly blue Silver Spoon and a rather patriotic Pig. Now fast forward a few months. Inspired by a talk with my friend Todd from Wave Hounds, I sent an email to Margaret Yao Calvani, General Manager at Bing Surfboards and wife of renowned shaper, Matt Calvani. I expressed an interest in working with them, as well as my admiration for both the brand and their boards. A phone called followed. Then an hour long interrogation in an undisclosed location. Bright lights, clipboards and all kinds of crazy questions. A few days later I got word they wanted to work with us. So we sorted out a sponsorship, you know, like NASCAR.

To say I'm excited is an understatement. The opportunity to work with Matt and Margaret. To help demonstrate the difference between proper surfboards and all that other shit. To ensure that a brand like Bing, steeped in surf story, reaches an all new audience here in the Northwest. And to surf different stuff and share my thoughts on this here blog. Stoked, I am.

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