Waiting Game

I don't have a whole lotta patience. I suppose it's a problem. Ten minutes into a movie and I'm outta my seat searching the fridge for food, or cleaning out our hallway closet. I can't seem to sit still. So as you might imagine, I suck at waiting for waves. Take last Sunday for instance. It wasn't working when we arrived, but you could tell that it wanted to. You just have to be willing to wait. But after standing outside for what felt like forever, I climbed back into the van, ate an apple and tried to take it easy. Goddamn if I ain't impatient! Fast forward five minutes and I'm pulling on my Patagucci and paddling out. Was one, maybe two foot tops. But we found a few fun ones - the wife, the walrus and I. Maybe it would've been better if we had waited awhile. Maybe just a few more minutes. But minutes ain't really my thing, man!