Why Did We Wait?!

In my opinion, there are but a few places as picturesque as Pacific City. Sixty five and sunny, sand strewn streets and a brewery on the beach - what more do you want? So after an evening in Astoria, we headed south in search of surf. First stop was Seaside. Then a spot that nearly swallowed me whole. When we finally arrived around four on Friday, there were waist high waves and next to no one in the water. We drove down for the Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic, an event I've attended a handful of times, unintentionally. And although I didn't enter, I was able to steal some wonderful waves, which made me wonder: why did we wait till September to surf down south?!

Front Row.

Danny Anderson.



Emily Steele.

Someone that can't see.

Jazzing the Glass.

Five up front...

Cheer Squad.


First Place.

Sun Down.

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