Mustard or Kites?

Some strange questions came out around the campfire. "Mustard or kites?" being one of them. Wind was working all weekend, so we were without waves. Banana pancakes for breakfast followed by a couple'a cups of coffee. Then a calm in the crap came, so I stole Shawn's Surf Thump and paddled out for a few. And while there wasn't much to work with, I enjoyed every wave I had on that Almond - a burnt orange board, nine feet eight inches long, with tres largueros, a concave nose and glassed on D fin. Damn thing was delicious. A log everyone can love. Follow the link for a few more photos.


Surf Thump.

Making the most...



Lime Green Guts.

Coffee for Coffey.

Makin' Banana Pancakes...


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