After a couple of uncomfortable nights spent on the floor of Fargo the cargo van, Karissa and I decided we should build a bed before heading south to surf this weekend. Piece of cake, right? Right. With a general idea of what we wanted - tall enough for a few sticks to lay flat, long enough for two tubs to sit nut-to-butt and wide enough that we wouldn't have sleep sideways - we headed to Home Depot with some printed plans and plenty of enthusiasm.

After sorting through tons of timber and finding the right size wood screws, we headed to my grandparent's to put things into place. First came the frame; a two part structure consisting of four 20" tall boxes connected by two 66" long pieces of lumber. Once the frame was fitted, we cut ten 72" long 2x4s and set them two inches apart across the top. Then we secured everything using 3.5" wood screws. The end result: a 22" tall, 72" wide and 66" long sleeping platform perfect for two people!

Bare Bones.

Two x Six.



Two x Four.

Tip Top.

Ninety Eight Percent.

Karissa_Would take all these photos.