The Changing Mat

My friend Rob rides motorcycles. Big, no bullshit bikes. He rides everywhere, and often. Sometime last summer Rob realized he needed something to set his wheel on when changing a tube, something that he could also use as a doormat for his domicile. Enter the Trailmaster Adventures Changing Mat. Developed in the Colorado backcountry, the Changing Mat is a lightweight, quick drying, American made mat that just so happens to work wonders when you're climbing out of a wet wetsuit.

Unfolded, the Changing Mat measures 34" x 23" and is available in blue, red, green and orange.

When it's dry, the Changing Mat folds into an attached pocket and measures just 5" x 6" x .75"

For just $24.95, the Trailmaster Adventures Changing Mat is a savvy solution for those that don't want to tote around a plastic tub or pull the rubber mat outta their passenger compartment.

Click here to purchase your own Changing Mat.

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