Small Waves & Strong Drinks

We knew what it would look like. A two foot swell from the southwest, sixteen seconds separating and wind from the west. That spells small. There was, however, the off chance that the sand bars would build. Maybe we'd see something a bit bigger. But when I woke up around six on Saturday the waves were waist high. There was a light onshore wind and sun in the sky. I paddled out around eight. There were two, maybe three other people out there. First few waves were fantastic. Clean little lefts. Karissa came out and caught a couple. Took two trips to the nose. Nothing to write home about. Wind turned on after a few hours. Crumble crap and inconsistent intervals. Oh well. It was wonderful for awhile.

I paddled out after lunch, but the wind was still working :(

Played a few furious games of badminton before beer'thirty.

Chris and Matt made tacos.

Lemme tell ya, Chris can cook.

Wasn't much to work with...

Sums up the swell.

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