Travel Chair

When we started this surf camping stuff, living out of a tent two or three days at a time, we tried to keep things small. And cheap. So instead of buying a pair of proper camp chairs, we opted for REI's tiny tripods. They work well for awhile. But then your gluteus maximus goes numb. Your knees become stiff from squatting, and your lower back increasingly uncomfortable. But they were cheap, and worked well when the ground was wet. But last week, to my surprise, a pair of Travel Chairs arrived at our apartment. They're made in Gig Harbor and feature a sheer, quick-drying fabric, allowing them to be both breathable and lightweight. And at just $54, they're a great option for those of us that wish to remain in our wetsuits, waiting for waves. Follow the link for a few more photos.

The Teddy chair is available in lime, blue or black.

Travel Chair uses high strength nylon and double stitching on every grommet.

When open, the Teddy measures 21" x 33" x 32" and has a 300 lb. capacity.

Travel Chair feet are designed "to be at peace when loaded," and worked well on both sand and soil.

Karissa loves her new camp chair.

Click here to learn more about Travel Chair.

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