Pack It In

With wet weather on our coast, we decided to spend the weekend down south, where it wasn't supposed to rain. We slipped out of Seattle on Friday, stopped by Fish Tale for dinner and a drink, drove for a few more hours and then pitched a pair of tents at the Bunny Ranch. It was impossible to sleep past seven. Trucks, trailers, construction, other campers. We went to the Sleepy Monk for cold coffee and bacon bagels, checked out a few sorta secret spots before deciding to surf where everyone else was surfing.

We packed a pair of Poler Rucksacks and hiked in. Ten minutes to the water. It was glassy when I first went out. Waist to shoulder high. Lefts and rights. Plenty of people, though. Todd and I surfed for six hours. Snaking waves from the short sticked. Put five on the front a few times. Good thing I got that GoofBoard ;) Sunburned and starving, we put everything back in the bags and boogied before the sun set.

Furry Camo.

Todd took his pig to the beach.

Tim is a tree.

Pack it out...

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