Coffin Lids & Camp Fires

You find friends. Stumble upon them. Maybe you meet at a party, or through someone you all know. Sometimes you find one another by chance. A cool colored car. A conversation about big boards and old Volvos and pop-up euro tents. Funny how things happen, huh? Anyhow. Saturday really sucked. The wind wouldn't let up. Onshore all morning. All evening. All day. Not a moments rest. We arrived around eleven, having stopped to see if somewhere else would work... it wouldn't. Sparks and Velez were already on it. Tarps, tents and a campfire. Todd was there too. The three of them sitting around a small fire, shooting the shit. We parked, set up our stuff and sat, for eight hours around a fire. Had hot dogs. Beer. Bad jokes. In the morning we surfed. Without wind ;) It was worth the wait.

It was ugly out there...

Obi Sparks Kenobi.

Short stick.

Sparks & Velez.

The coffin lid.

Mark hearts moms.

What a pig!

Karissa couldn't contain herself.

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