Watermelon Water & Milky White Mustaches

Memorial Day weekend is always a shit show. All of the inner city 'surfers' head west for the first time since Labor Day. Kook stacks and coolers. Five friends in a fully loaded Ford Fiesta. Suppose we're no different. Just the two of us this time, though. Left late on Friday and arrived to find Shawn and Quyen cornholin' at their campsite. We had a few beers and went to bed. Woke up early enough to avoid some of the onshore wind. It was waist high... maybe. I hand a handful. But a west wind came on strong, so we decided to get out of the water for a few hours. Cornhole and a couple of cold ones.

I paddled back out shortly before sunset. It was ugly out there. Grabbed a couple and came in. Sunday morning was the same story. Onshore wind and a small swell. Should have suited up at sunrise! There wasn't much to work with, so we spent the rest of the day cornholin' and killing time around the campfire. Monday morning made up for all of it, though. All of the onshore wind, the shitty swell, the rain and cloudy conditions. It was shoulder high or better when I first went out, and there wasn't any wind. Shared a peak with three other people. Had lots of lefts and a handful of rights. Even ran to the nose two or three times. It was the right way to end an otherwise ugly weekend!

Couple of crazy kids.

It was ugly out there...

Killing time around the campfire.


Front row seat.


There may have been mustaches...

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