Loggin' The Buck

Spent the weekend with a great group of people. People that believe in big boards. People all about the aloha. We arrived around eight on Friday. Surfed for an hour as the sun set. Built a fire. Shot the shit. Put up our tent and passed out. Saturday morning we went out early. Wind was offshore. Waves were waist high. Stayed out until it got ugly. Ate a late lunch. Yogurt and granola. Back in the water before four.

Everyone found a few waves that evening. Without any wind. Twenty plus people. Sharing surf. Singing Happy Birthday. Couldn't have asked for anything else. Swapped sticks and surfed a pig. So much fun. Words just won't work. Had a handful as the sun sank and the ocean turned orange. Decided to bring "Cowabunga!" back. So I screamed as Shawn scored a solid right. Stoke Harvester!

We all went in around eight. Built a big fire and watched as Karissa cooked hot dogs and jalapeno burgers. A couple of cold ones and lots of laughs. It's hard to explain how I feel. Elated. Amazed. Appreciative. All kinds of words. What a wonderful weekend. What wonderful people. Follow the link for a few photos.

Sunset surf.

Speaks for itself.


Hanging out.

Big boards.

Big fin.

More big boards.

What a Pig!

Chris and Todd checking conditions.

Fingers first.



Closing time.


Stoke Harvester.


Ms. Wood.


Holy hell.

Karissa the cook.

The Sparks.

No comment...

Two of a kind.

Doctor Jake & Shawn Jennings.

Monday morning.


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Stoke Harvester said...

What an awesome weekend! Thanks for keeping the stoke alive in the PNW!!!

karissa said...

The waves: perfect.
The warm sunshine: stunning.
The people: my favorite.
The food: delicious.
The drinks: cold.
The stoke: unending.

Couldn't have asked for a better time. Thank you to everyone for making this event happen. I see more logging adventures in our future!

Gonzo said...

It was indeed a perfect weekend. We need to do it again...and again...and again...

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