The Smokey Joe

I'm in the market for a motorcycle. Something small. Good on gas. So I can ride around town. To and from work. I've had a handful. Everything from dirty dirt bikes to tiny two-smokers. I've been hit by a Land Cruiser, dodged death with Dorian Sleeper on his 'Hill Climb From Hell' and been stuck in the sand somewhere in southern Utah. So I know what I want to ride. And what I'm willing to work on.

Something simple. That's what I'm after. I don't plan to ride around the world and I don't give a damn about goin fast, so what I want is something like this - a '76 CB100 built by the guys at Deus Ex Machina. They call it the 'Smokey Joe' and it belongs to a gentleman name Ellis Ericson who moved to Bali about a year ago. Built to bring his stick to the surf, the bike's been outfitted with Ventura flat track bars, a Honda S90 tank, Yamaha SX front fork and SR400 rear shock, Swallow tires on spoked rims and a custom seat.

So what's stopping me from buying something with two wheels and a tiny tank? How about an August wedding, plenty of parking tickets and the endless stream of shit I'll hear around the office for riding something so small. But I say September. Should have stuff sorted out by then. And I'll be sure to share a few photos when I find something fun. Click here to learn more about Deus Bali and their 'Smokey Joe.'