Probiotic Bread Man

You've probably driven past his pickup. A big cream colored dually with an eight foot tall trailer attached. His name is Ken, but Karissa and I refer to him, affectionately, as 'The Probiotic Bread Man.' He lives near Joyce, just off of Highway 112 with his wife and two sons. Every Saturday he parks his big Chevy just outside of Port Angeles, sets up his trailer and sells probiotic bread and other baked goods.

He uses palm shortening in place of butter, organic evaporated cane juice in place of refined white sugar, he ferments his own grain and sources all of his ingredients locally. Each week he and his wife bake a wide variety of enzyme rich bread, brownies, cookies, pies and something they call a 'stoagie.' He can be hard to find, but when you see his Chevy, or his stand at the Famers Market, be sure to stock up!

Too many cookies to choose from!

Ken keeps his trailer fully loaded.

Some of the best bread.

Two stoagies, two apple pies and two cookies.

On Saturday, Ken parks his truck just west of Walmart on the south side of Highway 112 between the 76 and Dave Barnier Auto Sales. You can also find him at the Port Angeles Famers Market on Sunday.

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