Motorcycles & Misbehaving

Camped with a few friends from the Frozen North. Motorcycle movie makers from Canada who run a company called Curbsyde Productions. They met us mid-day on Saturday, just before we paddled out. They disappeared into the woods while we surfed. The weather could have been better. Overcast and kind of cold. It was like a big bathtub out there. Better than being at home, though. After a few hours and even fewer waves, we set up camp and cooked dinner. Soft tacos and Session. Probiotic pie for dessert.

Flora is fond of Joe's GS, and his Torque jacket ;)

Chop wood. Drink beer. Eat pie.

Flora's bike. Fully loaded.

Sean was kind of cold.

A coveted commodity.

Joe hungry. Joe eat stogie.

Click here to learn more about Joe, Flora and their company, Curbsyde Productions.

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