Malibuck & The Monday Morning Blues

Monday morning. So much shit to do. Yet I find myself day dreaming about small waves, strong offshore wind, mini-barrels and Malibuck. Saturday was a lot like the last time. Sunny, but a little smaller. Wind was working real well. Offshore in the morning. From the southwest as the sun set. Brought my Banana board. Good thing, as the wind made you work for every wave. Three hours, too many to count, two bananas and a piece of bread, back in the water for a few more. Found my rhythm to right.

It was small when we showed up.

One after another. I had a hard time with the wind, though.

Beautiful beach break. Blue water. Big sun.

What's this?! Captain Coffey can go right?

Karissa climbed atop this tree stump to take a few photos.

Choppy. Had to work for every wave. Skipping along the face.

Shared the swell with someone from down south. A solid surfer.

Caught what I could. Wind wouldn't let me walk to the nose, though.

It was overhead if you got low enough ;)

Karissa trying to keep me away from that cold can of beer.

This one's for Hanny. Clearly something out of an MSR catalog ;)

Photos courtesy of Karissa Wood.

Click here for additional images.

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