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GoldCoast Skateboards is a California company specializing in laid-back longboards and other concrete cruisers. Thanks to my friends at Stoke Harvester, I've had the pleasure of playing with one of their newest boards, The Conflict. According to their website, The Conflict is "what happens when you throw things together and the result is greater than the sum of it's parts." A 24-inch long, seven-ply Canadian Maple board that features "a classic Pan shape," 79mm Century trucks and 65mm 'Shred Boots' wheels, The Conflict is both classic and contemporary. Sounds like my kind of monkey business!

From the front you can see just how narrow The Conflict really is.

Available in both blue and red, The Conflict features jailhouse stripes over an ugly image.

The 65mm Shred Boots wheels work well on uneven surfaces and pitted pavement.

A mild kicktail allows for reasonably fast rotation and bitchin' wheelies.

I rode up and down Alki after work on Wednesday. A flat, two mile stretch of pavement that runs along the water in West Seattle, Alki is usually loaded with longboards as soon as the sun comes out. I stopped to take a few photos and was approached by a couple of kids half my age. They were interested in what I was riding, so I let them take turns cruising The Conflict. They were stoked.

I headed home before the sun had time to set. Overall I am impressed. The Conflict is all kinds of fun. Albeit short, it makes the most out of every kick. And it's more stable than you'd imagine. Short and sweet. Can't wait to skate something a little steeper. Alki gets old after awhile.

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Unknown said...

This is a great board I use this to bomb hills and it worked great for me. Trucks are great, bushings also but the only problem was the wheels started to fall apart after four weeks of skating, but other than that the board is tight. Shirley Morrow

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