The Blue Banana

Picked up a 9'6" Harbour 'Banana Model' on Saturday. According to their website, "the original Banana Model was designed in 1963 - it was yellow and just happened to look like a giant banana in the surf. It was unique in that it had significantly more rocker than the typical surfboard built during this era and may have been the first board designed with real rocker."

And while the board does have a bit more rocker than your typical stick from the sixties, it's still fairly flat. At nine feet six inches, my blue banana has an 18" nose and is 22.5" wide. The tail measures 14.5" and it is roughly 3.25" thick. Attached to the tail is a 9.5" single fin made by the Fibre Glas Fin Co.

I surfed on Sunday. Small sets. Onshore wind. Didn't have any trouble catching crappy waves, though.

Surprised how easy it was to paddle. Albeit narrow, there's a lot of foam to float you.

Too small to take any trips to the nose. Curious how these concave rails will effect the five to ten.

Single stringer. Tinted resin. Extra glass around the fin box.

9.5" fin made by the Fibre Glas Fin Co. Might swap it for a Greenough 4-C, though.

Stay tuned. Full review to follow...

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