Surf Wagon: Extra Long Econoline

Spotted this extra long Econoline on Sunday. Pretty sure it's a Quigley conversion. Four-wheel drive, pop-top, canvas awning, big ass bumpers and barn doors. Don't know the details. Didn't have time. Damn thing must drink diesel, though. Let's just hope it's not petrol powered! Either way, I want one.


quasha said...

saw this thing it was nice. but i was way more into the gnarly toyota ace with the matte black DIY paint job!

Justin W. Coffey said...

Quasha, I snapped a photo of that 4x4 Toyota van last summer.

Try not to drool on your keyboard ;)


Oh, and check out my friend Foster's blog, Van-Life.

Some serious shit going on over there.


Anonymous said...

Hey I know that van, it lives in Port Angeles. and yes it is a diesel. 15 mpg on average. http://www.vanontherun.com

Sadtaco said...

I know the people that own it; They took it to Central America and cruised around surfing. Nice people.

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