Friends With Benefits

Early last Spring, on a weekend trip to a western beach break, Karissa and I noticed something sitting beneath a tree not far from our camp - a green(ish) 1975 Volvo 245 DL station wagon. Flat hood, round headlights, roof rack and a Humboldt State University sticker across the back window. Who owns this thing?! Clearly some wild-eyed, long hair hippie from Northern California! But what on earth are they doing here, on this long forgotten piece of land at the end of our great state?

Surfboards and strange looking tents were scattered around this Scandinavian auto wagon. No one was tending camp, though. So back to the beach we went. Later that afternoon, following a few hours in the water, we wandered back toward the Volvo. This time two guys were sitting around a campfire, bottled beer in hand. Their names - Mark and Derek. Turns out they've been friends for years.

Mark, the Humboldt County hippie and owner of the old Volvo, works in the automotive department at Shoreline Community College. Derek, a man with a healthy appetite for Single Malt Scotch and pig shaped surfboards, is a graphic designer and photographer.

The two invited us to join them around their campfire, offering us intoxicants and fire roasted vegetables. We talked for hours. Old cars and big surfboards. Their honest opinions and inspiring stories kept us fireside till dark. The next day we shared some swell with our new found friends. We laughed at each others failed attempts and applauded when someone caught a wave.

Since that Spring, Mark and Derek have become good friends of ours. Their endless enthusiasm and willingness to surf on even the darkest of days, keeps us in their company. They keep us stoked. Friends with benefits. Friends that are hard to find. Here's to our two favorite old farts ;)

Happy Birthday gentlemen!


karissa said...

I could not have said it any better. Cheers to you two!

Courtney said...

How odd...I've been enjoying coolisacolor for quite some times now, I finally clicked "About" and found this blog...and then I read an entry about some hippies from Humboldt (my hometown). Small world.

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