Keala's Hawaiian Coffee

After moving to Seattle from the island of Oahu, Sean Lee opened Keala’s Hawaiian Coffee, a small batch coffee roasting company located in Ballard. Looking to “create a coffee company that truly reflects the quality and pride in craftsmanship that Hawaiian coffee farmers have in their trade,” Sean blends a variety of beans from around the world to create “a coffee better than the sum of its parts.”

Staying true to his Hawaiian roots, Sean has been able to combine his passion for small batch coffee roasting with the knowledge he’s acquired working in Seattle’s cut throat coffee industry, to create “a product as exceptional and multi-cultured as the people of Hawaii.”

Available in three different blends; Hapuna Espresso, Na Pali and Nana's Decaf, Keala's Coffee can now be found at a variety of local grocers, as well as on their website. Click here for additional info.

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