The Stoke Mender

My friend Jeff Abandonato, the former owner and creator of Cheka Looka Surf Shop in Seattle, has since been dubbed the Stoke Mender by our mutual friend Shawn Jennings. Since leaving the retail surf industry, Jeff has taken up ding repair and is now mending stoke in a gutted camper outside of his house in Edmonds. Jeff will repair traditional polyester as well as epoxy boards and can even assist with custom enhancements.

A few weeks ago I left my 7'10" Becker at Jeff's house for a bit of work. With more than a dozen dings, both big and small, Jeff had to cut and re-glass a great deal of the board. I got a call from Jeff on Friday saying the board was ready, so I stopped by his house on my way out of town and picked up the board. Watertight and ready to ride. I can't tell you how impressed I am with Jeff's work. If your stick is in need of repair, I highly recommend you call the Stoke Mender!