"Sometimes Shit Doesn't Happen"

Late last week, my girlfriend and I had the pleasure of testing the safety features of our 1989 Volvo wagon. My girlfriend had a childhood friend in town who was supposed to photograph her sister's wedding. After a full day of sightseeing around Seattle, the three of us were headed back to our place on Alki when a young lady in a BMW failed to yield to oncoming traffic. With no room to react, we collided with her crappy Bavarian coupe. The young lady was both uninsured and driving without a license.

The result? One broken arm, one broken nose, a "fat lip" and one fucked up Volvo.

With a broken humerus, my girlfriend's friend was unable to photograph the wedding and had to fly back to Gloucester. Fortunately for us, the Volvo was able to be driven and was taken to a body shop the following day. After a $1500 estimate was written up, we decided it was time to start car shopping.

I called my friends at Chaplin's Automotive Group and before the weekend was over we had ourselves a new surfvagn; a rather nice Subaru Legacy.

Happy everyone made it out alive. Sad to see the Volvo die.

Here's to shit not happening ;)

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