Bill's Tavern & Brew House

Bill's Tavern & Brew House is located on North Hemlock Street in the small coastal town of Cannon Beach, Oregon. The only brewery in the area, Bill's offers your standard variety of pub fare and craft beers; Blonde, Pilsner, Pale Ale, IPA, Stout and Porter. What makes Bill's different, at least in my opinion, is their Blackberry Beauty, an effervescent amber brewed with locally sourced blackberries.

The atmosphere is inviting. Split down the middle, Bill's offers a family friendly dining area, as well as a traditional belly-up bar. Oh, and all of their beers are brewed on site, in a small room above the bar.

We had a few pints and a burger before heading to Bill's sister establishment, the Warren House Pub.

If you find yourself south of Seaside, be sure to visit Bill's for a Blackberry Beauty.


ando said...

Try another spot, bro....Ft. George

Justin W. Coffey said...

I've driven past that place countless times. Never stopped. Next time. Thanks for the suggestion!

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