EPICSLIDE III - Harvesting Stoke

To celebrate the three year internet anniversary of the Peanut Butter Coast, our friends at Stoke Harvester are producing this limited edition shirt they've dubbed EPICSLIDE: III.

"Here's to three years spent searching for surf, camping on the coast, cooking with cast iron, drinking whiskey when there aren't waves, wearing warm wetsuits when there are, missing work on Monday, and eating plenty of peanut butter."

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La Derecha

Alessandro Ponzanelli, James Parry and Mick Rodgers surfing an early Spring swell in So-Cal.

From the Phone - Vol.6

These last few weeks have been rather wild. Living in Los Angeles, I've been surfing Malibu in the mornings, spending my weekends in San Clemente, drinking beer with Mike Black, eating chicken and waffles at Roscoe's, filming, photographing, and little bit of everything in between. They tried to tow Fargo the Cargo Van, I watched a dude drowned, have had plenty of Pizza Port, one too many margaritas and am getting sorta sick on living inland. Like I've said so many times before, though, the sweet wouldn't be as sweet without the sour. And so, due in part to my lack of time and energy, I give you the latest selection of cell phone shots, some of which you may have seen on our Instagram.


Arramon-Tucco in Australia

Margaux Arramon-Tucoo surfing somewhere in Australia. Shot and edited by Nathan Oldfield.


Southern Summer

Sounds like I'll be spending the summer in Southern California. Maybe Malibu, or somewhere near San Clemente. Surf is certain, but so are long afternoons spent sitting inside, making money with my Macintosh. And so for the latest edition of #duds, I've decided to include a few indoor essentials - coffee from my part of the country, some bad ass blues, beer that'll make you feel like it's Friday and a briefcase-turned-backpack so you can make that money come Monday. Follow the link for a list.

Activate Primal Back Foot

Another strange bit of film featuring Mike Black. Shot and edited by Pursuit of the Arbitrary.


Peanut Butter Pictures on Expedition Portal

"Surfing in the Pacific Northwest requires commitment, time, money, a reliable rig, good gear and a willingness to explore. To become a successful surfer, however, only requires one thing - waves. And so in my quest to become better, to become a good surfer, not just an alright one, I have spent countless days driving to and from the west coast of Washington, sleeping in my converted cargo van, searching for surf."

Click here to see our full photo feature.

Bob Ross

I think this short bit of film from our #peelgrimage project will speak for itself. Produced by POA.


Tales from the Tropicana

Overindulgence: the action or fact of having too much of something enjoyable. Also: excessive gratification of a person's wishes. Sounds like my Saturday. I mean, it was my birthday after all. And what better way to celebrate the end of eight and the start of nine than renting a room at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel?! It may not be a good idea to discuss the details of the day, but lets just say that shit got a little wild. One too many mango margaritas, inflatable Orca Whales, espresso martinis, steak-frites, old fashioned's in The Library, top-floor tomfoolery and pizza well past my bedtime. It was an excellent afternoon. The kind that could kill you. But in a good way. Get it?

Two Days in Hawaii

Flomotion member, Justin Quintal, spent a couple days in Hawaii harvesting some serious stoke!


Smokestack Lightnin'

What I've been listening to lately...


Mornings with Mike

The sound of big white knuckles knocking on a window awoke me. I peeled my face from my pillow and peered out the side window of the van, which faced west toward the water. It was dark. Not even the slightest sign of sun. Chris was standing outside the van. "You awake," he hollered. "Kinda sorta," I said from inside my sleeping bag. "Gimme a few minutes and I'll be good to go." We had made arrangements to meet Mike, also known as Gnar Gnar, at the Carl's Jr. near the trail to Trestles... at 5am. Mike is a math teacher and this was a weekday. Maybe a Monday. So we had a small slice of time to shoot something before Mr.Black had to teach trigonometry. I slipped into a pair of pants, pulled on a wool sweater, a brimmed hat, flip-flops and climbed outta the van. We loaded the truck with camera equipment and headed toward the hamburger stand.

You'd think that a mid-week(?) morning would be kinda quiet, maybe ten or twelve people. Wrong. This is Southern California, kid. Everyone is waiting for waves. Eager and up early. We parked behind a line of cars and unpacked. Mike drove past in the Midnight Creeper, parked and pulled out his pig. We hiked the trail together, talking about his board the entire time. A blue panel pig with no name, Mike's board is a mystery. Matt Calvani and Jim Phillips both ran their hands along the rails and couldn't come up with anything. Some kind of secret. When we walked beneath the train trestle and over a sand dune to see the surf, we were greeted by wind swept waves that stood up, fluttered and fell - rolling right with a great deal of gumption. It was glorious. We filmed and photographed while Mike mined some stoke. A damn fine way to spend a weekday. Follow the link for more photos.


Robin Kegel surfing a Gato Heroi Operator somewhere in AUS(?). Brought to you by Wild Things.

Surf-A-Pig's 4th Annual Pig Luau

Surf-A-Pig's 4th Annual Pig Luau will take place in between trails five and six on the San Onofre Bluffs, from June 27th through June 29th. There'll be a pretty big pig (served mid-day on the 28th), lots of logs and plenty of interesting people. So if you're in the area, sneak down to San-O and join us for a few days of swine, surf and shenanigans. Click here for photos from last year's luau.

Nine Ten Stepdeck

Joe Davies surfing a 9'10 Stepdeck made by Tudor Surfboards somewhere near San Diego.


Left of Center

Meet me in the middle. Somewhere south of center. To the left a little. We're all alright. Doing the same damn thing. Trying hard to stand out in an activity that rewards no one, for nothing. You think you've got it good. You think you're a solid surfer. And then you head south. You surf a spot with consistent waves, where people skip a session, where the wind will keep you outta the water. It opens eyes. Exposes the obvious. Teenage girls hanging ten. Man, you sure suck. Look at those ladies! Reality is so bittersweet. It tastes like a fistful of limes. Sour and yet satisfying. Because at the end of the afternoon you realize none of it really matters. You're Stoked. So who gives a fuck what everyone else can attest to. Maybe you're mediocre. Maybe you're somewhere in the middle. At least you aren't an asshole.