Alex Knost by Jack Coleman

Al doing that Al thing... Shot and edited by Jack Coleman. Video courtesy of Thalia Surf.


Scouts Honor

We've been on the road a lot lately. A four month stay in Japan - which included a two week trip to Italy, as well as a ten-day stay in the Philippines - was followed by our return to Baja, and then an Arizona-to-Washington and back adventure. Now, Kyra and I are preparing for yet another overzealous endeavor. With the help of Motorcyclist Magazine and Indian Motorcycles, we are about to embark on the “Great American Motorcycle Adventure,” riding an Indian Scout and Scout Sixty from California to Key West. The journey - some 3,000 miles in total - will test our wills, as well as our willingness. We’re eager to expand our horizons, cross State lines, and forego ‘must see’ destinations in order to find our own way from one side of this glorious country to the other. This is going to be good, #Scouts_Honor!


The 101 South - Malibu

Jack Lynch, Alex Knost and Nate Foster making the most of Malibu on a quiver crafted by Corey Munn.