Shit Show

Southwest swells sent us to Oregon for the weekend. Left early Saturday morning, two longboards on top of the Subaru. Rented a small cabin at the Sea Ranch RV Park, a campground at the northern end of Cannon Beach. After unloading the car, we drove into Ecola State Park shortly before noon. Tide was coming in. Onshore winds. Short intervals. No one in the water. Decided to spend the day on dry land.

It's a short walk to the beach. A narrow trail, across this wooden bridge, a staircase to the sand.

Tide was out when we returned to Indian on Sunday morning. Offshore winds and still ugly.

Ten foot swells rolled into the small the cove. Plenty of size but no shape.

I am glad I wore my boots. My face and fingers were cold. My feet were not.

Our friend Foster arrived to find us perched atop a picnic table watching two guys try and paddle out.

They didn't have much luck. We followed Foster further south in search of surf.

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