Eleven Foota

Petey Johnson riding an 11-foot 1967 Hansen surfboard. Video brought to you by Birdman Media.

The Six-Pack Pizza Mission

I'm not going to get too deep into the details, but lets just say that Kyra and I rolled hard and fast from Redlands to San Clemente in order to pick up a six-pack of Swami's. The mission, part of our forthcoming #Scouts_Honor adventure, was a simple one. We needed to break in our new bikes, as well as our butts. Neither one of us had ridden a foot-forward, V-twin powered cruiser of any kind... So this was sort of test run. Would we like this kind of motorcycle? Would the sound of American Thunder flow through our veins forever after? Or would we regret our idea to ride across the country on a pair of Scouts? Like I said, I won't throw too much information at you - we'll save that for our digital updates on Motorcyclist Magazine - but I can say that the bikes surprised us, the beer was worth it and the long, straight slabs of blacktop that separate Southern California and the desert we've decided to reside in this winter were mind-numbingly boring. Follow the link for a few photos.

One Day in Port A

Our upcoming #Scouts_Honor adventure will take us through the Southern States.

Perhaps we should plan to spend a few days in Port Arthur?! Anyone have a board I can borrow...?

Blind Love

What I've been listening to lately...

California to Key West

After two years of off-road adventuring, we’ve decided to change gears, ditching our small dual-sport bikes for the promise of on-road comfort courtesy of classically styled American V-twin cruisers. They’re the kind of bikes - and audience - we're wholly unfamiliar with, which will make this adventure all the more fun. Because before we set eyes on the new Indians, you’d have been hard pressed to talk either one of us into riding a cruiser of any kind.

Lust at first sight, the latest iteration of the Scout pushes us ask for more out of motorcycling - to take an honest approach to the unknown, and then offer an honest opinion. Why Indian? Because they’ve crafted beautiful American bikes that are modern, unassuming and approachable. And with the help of Motorcyclist Magazine, we are about to embark on the Great American Motorcycle Adventure, riding a Scout and Scout Sixty from California to Key West.

Alex Knost by Jack Coleman

Al doing that Al thing... Shot and edited by Jack Coleman. Video courtesy of Thalia Surf.

Scouts Honor

We've been on the road a lot lately. A four month stay in Japan - which included a two week trip to Italy, as well as a ten-day stay in the Philippines - was followed by our return to Baja, and then an Arizona-to-Washington and back adventure. Now, Kyra and I are preparing for yet another overzealous endeavor. With the help of Motorcyclist Magazine and Indian Motorcycles, we are about to embark on the “Great American Motorcycle Adventure,” riding an Indian Scout and Scout Sixty from California to Key West. The journey - some 3,000 miles in total - will test our wills, as well as our willingness. We’re eager to expand our horizons, cross State lines, and forego ‘must see’ destinations in order to find our own way from one side of this glorious country to the other. This is going to be good, #Scouts_Honor!

The 101 South - Malibu

Jack Lynch, Alex Knost and Nate Foster making the most of Malibu on a quiver crafted by Corey Munn.

The Return of the Pale Pig

When we last spoke, Kyra and I were headed to Long Beach for the International Motorcycle Show, having spent the week prior surfing 38th in Santa Cruz and C Street in Ventura, among other things. The show was exhausting as always, but fruitful in many ways. We talked about motorbikes, shook a few unfamiliar hands, had a dinner party that swelled from four to plus-fourteen, and then talked of upcoming adventures with people who've spent more than a decade riding motorcycles around the world. We shuddered at the obvious excuses people use for why they're not riding, avoided the overzealous individuals that just want to talk, and then eventually escaped. The following week was spent in-and-around San Clemente, surfing San Onofre, slugging Betty's at Gnar Gnar's new compound in Silverado, eating plenty of Pizza Port and visiting a few (old) friends. I suspect the photos will tell the tale better than my re-hashed ramblings...

The 101 South - Mexico

Jack Lynch and Alex Knost sliding south of the border. Motion pictures made by SurfStitch.


Kyra and I are currently in California. Having escaped the sad grey skies of the Pacific Northwest, we've been enjoying waist high waves and that crazy shit called sunshine from Santa Cruz to C Street. We'll be in Long Beach this weekend attending the International Motorcycle Show and then making our way further south in search of surf. Oh, and we'll be eating a ceremonial turkey sammich and drinking champagne with our feet planted firmly in the sand. Other items on the itinerary? More slides atop me swine, perhaps some Pliny with the pig man himself, breakfast at Captain Mauri's, lunch at Pipes Café and dinner at Pizza Port. Maybe a sunset surf in Encinitas followed by a Pineapple n' Chile Margarita at Las Olas? We shall see.

Caio Teixeira em Costa Rica

Missing this shit. Might have to head west next week. Seventy-five and sunny in San Diego. Just sayin.