Tropic Haze

As far as I'm concerned, wheat beers are only good if they're cold... Like really fucking cold. As soon as the sun hits them, they taste like warm bread paste, so I typically avoid them. Until I landed in the Philippines. Anything, and I mean anything, that is cold and tastes like beer is acceptable - sometimes. And this was one of those times. We'd been out and about all day, fulfilling family obligations, sightseeing, etc. Luckily, one of Kyra's cousins owns a bar, where we ended our evening. When we walked in, a young lady was chatting with her cousin. Turns out shes a rep for Nipa Brew, a Manila based craft beer producer. Small is one way to describe the company, tiny is another. Something like seven people! Anyhow. She had a few bottles of Tropic Haze, "a light and refreshing craft beer with tropical undertones, perfect for those who want to step into the craft beer experience!" Or so it's described on their Facebook page.

The reality is that Tropic Haze is similar to a lot of the wheat beers we have at home - Hoegaarden, New Belgium's 'Snapshot,' or the ever popular Blue Moon. But it's better. With an underlying citrus flavor, not to be confused with added fruit, or a lime wedge (who the fuck do you think I am?), Tropic Haze is mildly effervescent and goes down easy, too easy. As you can see, it's golden in color with a light mist I associate with all wheat beers, and even some IPA's (Fort George's Vortex in particular). I could go on about the nuances of the beer, the flavor, how it landed on my palate, or the after-taste. But that's more than you bargained for, isn't it? What you want to know is whether it's good, and how you can get some. Well, I'm sorry to say that you can't - get any that is. And yes, it is good, otherwise I wouldn't be writing about it. As of right now (July of 2015), Tropic Haze is only available in the Philippines, and mostly just Manila. But hopefully, that's about to change... Stay tuned!

Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

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The Fjord

Finding surf in the Faroe Islands. The sort of shit that makes surfing more interesting than ice skating.

Bousou Island - Vol.1

I suppose these photos are a long time coming, seeing as how we've been living in Japan since April... But we've been busy! A three week trip to Italy followed shortly thereafter by my hasty return to the United States for the annual Touratech Rally. And now, a week into the month of July, we're trapped indoors, anxiously awaiting a reprieve from the rain. Work takes up a lot of our time, as do the daily tasks associated with living somewhere. But that hasn't stopped us from surfing. And while the weather hasn't been the best, the waves haven't been bad...

The following photos were taken during a two week period prior to our Italian departure, and highlight two spots; Kashima and Shimoda. The first of which is a rather exposed beach break with cement tetra-pod jetties at either end. The later is a white sandy beach that allows slow rolling swells to break over an assortment of sandbars and, as Chris and I discovered, includes a rather awesome little left that wraps around a rocky outcropping at one end. Your ability to distinguish the difference between these two spots, especially in the attached images, will be almost impossible. Which is alright, because surfing is subjective. So who gives a shit when or where? It was fun, which is what matters.

Inner City Blues

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Sushi Go-Round Dinner

We're currently living in Japan, riding motorcycles, surfing and eating at 7-11 as often as possible. It's an amazing place, but also an odd one. We've met some incredible people, surfed decent stuff, raced a 50cc Honda Super Cub in a three-hour endurance race, visited a robot restaurant, circumnavigated Mt. Fuji on dual-sport motorcycles, and explored hidden highways and abandoned villages outside of Tokyo with a trio of ex-pats. We just recently returned from a three-week trip to Italy in order to document the 2015 Sardegna Rally. While we were away, I had two rolls of 35mm film developed that I shot shortly after we arrived in Japan. Here's what happened next...

Hunting For Abandoned WWII Bunkers

In April, my friend Chris from POA Films flew over from Tokyo to meet Kyra and I in Seattle. What awaited him was a fully outfitted WR250R dual-sport (graciously donated by my buddy Greg), as well as a complete set of ICON Raiden riding gear. We also had a map sprinkled with dots noting the location of abandoned WWII bunkers that our friend Andy had found - or was aware of - all of which were scattered along the Strait of Juan de Fuca. What followed was a week long adventure complete with camping, water-crossings, Forest Services roads, single-track, scenes from ROTJ and lots of soft-serve ice cream.

Anderson Paak

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Reilly Stone

Say hello to Reilly Stone, a longboard shredding sixteen year old from Santa Cruz, who is also the newest member of the Bing Surfboards family. Click here to learn more about SeƱor Stone and his sliding.

Slightly Better Than Before

This is nothing new. These feelings: frustration, envy, excitement, surprise, and so on. Every time I surf out here, driving hours on either end, I am eager and then exhausted, anticipatory and then angry. It all depends. One week, no, one day, everything is incredible and then, as if someone flipped the Magic Surfing Switch, it's all gone. Nothing but ankle high ripples across the Great Pond. And so went that week, the last we'd spend in Washington before departing for Japan (which is where I am writing this). Chris had flown into town from Tokyo. We were planning to film a short video about some abandoned military bunkers strewn along... well, you'll find out. We also planned to surf, assuming there'd be some. And there was. At least for a few days. Waist high waves tipping slowly from left to right, or is it right to left? There was rain and hail and wind and sunshine, and all of the other things you appreciate after the fact. Hindsight and shit. We rode motorcycles in the woods, drank beers in a cabin, cooked food over a fire and shredded the fucking Gnar. And then we got on a plane and left. Stay tuned for stuff from this side.

Highlights | Joel Tudor Longboard Invitational 2015

Watch as a group of long stick shredders perform unreal acts of enjoyment while surfboarding waterhills...

Mexi Log Fest

Some footage from this year's Mexi Log Fest in Sayulita, Mexico. Brought to you by Bing Surfboards.