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Reilly Stone

Say hello to Reilly Stone, a longboard shredding sixteen year old from Santa Cruz, who is also the newest member of the Bing Surfboards family. Click here to learn more about SeƱor Stone and his sliding.

Slightly Better Than Before

This is nothing new. These feelings: frustration, envy, excitement, surprise, and so on. Every time I surf out here, driving hours on either end, I am eager and then exhausted, anticipatory and then angry. It all depends. One week, no, one day, everything is incredible and then, as if someone flipped the Magic Surfing Switch, it's all gone. Nothing but ankle high ripples across the Great Pond. And so went that week, the last we'd spend in Washington before departing for Japan (which is where I am writing this). Chris had flown into town from Tokyo. We were planning to film a short video about some abandoned military bunkers strewn along... well, you'll find out. We also planned to surf, assuming there'd be some. And there was. At least for a few days. Waist high waves tipping slowly from left to right, or is it right to left? There was rain and hail and wind and sunshine, and all of the other things you appreciate after the fact. Hindsight and shit. We rode motorcycles in the woods, drank beers in a cabin, cooked food over a fire and shredded the fucking Gnar. And then we got on a plane and left. Stay tuned for stuff from this side.

Highlights | Joel Tudor Longboard Invitational 2015

Watch as a group of long stick shredders perform unreal acts of enjoyment while surfboarding waterhills...

Mexi Log Fest

Some footage from this year's Mexi Log Fest in Sayulita, Mexico. Brought to you by Bing Surfboards.

Surf-A-Pig's 5th Annual Luau

Surf-A-Pig's 5th Annual Luau will take place near Trail 5 at the San Onofre Bluffs, from June 19th-21st. There will be a pretty big pig (served mid-day on the 20th), as well as lots of swine shaped surfing-boards and plenty of interesting people. So if you're in the area, sneak down to San-O and join us for a bit of fun!


Corey Colapinto sliding his new Canvas Surfboards model, the Kookapintail.

Lessons Learned From A Year Living In A Van

A little more than 14 months ago, I was moving into an apartment on Queen Anne, one of Seattle's more well-to-do neighborhoods. A phone call from my friend Chris prompted a six week long search for surf in Southern California, a project later dubbed The Peelgrimage. My hasty return home and ensuing divorce motivated me to move. Anywhere. So I went south... Check out the story I wrote for Gizmodo about the lessons I've learned after living in Fargo the Cargo Van for more than a year.


While we're on the subject of Worm... Check out this awesome edit from Hayley Gordon!

Erin 'Worm' Ashley

I'm beginning to notice a pattern... I can't seem to remember how I met a lot, if not all, of the more interesting people I know. The internet? Probably. Through a friend-of-a-friend? Perhaps. Maybe at the mall? Uh, nope. However it is, er, was, I am happy it happened. An example is Erin Ashley. I know that my friend Alex Swanson - a mid-length shredding, photo taking, life saving, Newport resident - was somehow involved. But for the life of me, I can't remember how. What I do know, however, is that as soon as Erin (a.k.a. Worm) and I became friends, my cell phone was never silent - so long as she knew I was in Southern California. "What's it look like?" Was a common question. Erin, knowing that Chris and I were parked at Camp Pendleton for the better part of two months filming The Peelgrimage, took full advantage of this fact, checking surf conditions whenever she could. Now I'm not saying she abused our burgeoning friendship - shit, I would have done the same damn thing - I'm simply saying she was eager for information. And I was a resource. As the weeks past, something became increasingly clear. Worm is down. Always. A quick note on a Monday morning would result in a two hour session at Church. Another message mid-week would lead to a short excursion further south. Pipes perhaps? Or howsabout the morning we met at Malibu, inadvertently. All of this to say, Worm is always looking for waves, and her style, grace, and skill are evidence of her persistent and passionate pursuit. Follow the link and read our interview with WORM!

Shaping the Northwest 2015

The third annual Shaping the Northwest will take place at EVO Portland on Friday, April 10th. The event will feature locally shaped surfboards from the northwest’s finest shapers, music, a silent auction and raffle, food cart, and plenty of beer. You'll also be able to learn more about Warm Current and WAVES for Development, two Oregon based surf-related nonprofits. $10 donations will be collected at the door, however tickets can be purchased in advance HERE, as they expect to sell out.

Base Camp Brewing's S'more Stout

Since that first foamy sip accosted my upper lip and left me with a stout 'stache, I've been hooked. In one way or another. My veracity for this malty, dark drink grew with age. The lust becoming far more diverse. And yet in all this time, I hadn't actually found a favorite. Porters for a lighter, effervescent, yet firm punch to the mouth. Stouts to quench my thirst for adult-grade chocolate milkshakes and affogatos. To say I've had them all isn't a huge overstatement. I've sampled many. But, sadly, remembered few.

This was my conundrum for many arduous, beer-tasting years - cue 'eye roll.' Then enters Base Camp Brewing. Thanks Portland for taking yet another classic treat (from a campsite perhaps?) and adding alcohol. Like a good amount of it (7.7% ABV). The S'more Stout is a force to be reckoned with. Its noir-ish black chocolate taste and sweet notes float around the mouth like marshmallow angels. A thing of kings! I'm taken beachside as its aftertaste "burns" of campfire ash. And I mean this in the best of ways. No. Better than best.