Out of Office

Well, hello! What's that? You're wondering what the fuck happened here? Where have we been, why aren't we surfing water waves and whatnot? Well, here's a little 'Out of Office' reply: Justin and Kyra have been traveling by motorbike for the last few weeks, exploring the Pacific Northwest from Cape Lookout to Lummi Island. They will be unreachable by phone, fax and electronic mail for the next few days. If you'd like to leave them a message, please click here. Otherwise, stay tuned for additional images and words of wisdom upon their return to some sort of city.

In Search of Dean Petty

Dean Petty surfing Cow Bay, Nova Scotia. Shot by Kealan Shilling on Kodak Tri-X Super 8.

Extending the Economy

About two weeks ago, Kyra and I installed an assortment of stuff on the two Yamaha XT225's we'll explore Baja aboard at the end of October. With the help of my friend and former co-worker, Eric, we removed the 2.3 gallon factory fuel tank and installed a 4.1 gallon Clarke Racing unit in its place. We then upgraded the skid plate to something a bit thicker, installed stainless-steel rear racks and a pair of hand guards on each XT. We also changed the oil and filters, having added 800+ miles to our odometers the week prior. Aside from luggage, which we'll install a little later, our bikes are ready for anything Baja will throw our way... or so we hope. Follow the link for a few photos.


Lola Mignot sliding some smooth stuff in mainland Mexico. Brought to you by Bing Surfboards.

Baja Bound

Before we leave for Baja at the end of October, Kyra and I have a lot of logistics, equipment and other shit to sort out. A month in Mexico aboard small dual-sports is no easy feat, and so in an effort to organize our accessories I put together a different sort of duds - one absent of surfing stuff. I'm sure some of you would love to give me shit since I haven't been surfing this summer, but all this Baja business is taking up a lot of my time and energy, and to be honest, it's been rather nice not worrying about waves. Because dirt bikes are always awesome, and they certainly won't skunk you on a Sunday. It's a different addiction, no doubt - petrol replacing peelers - but it's been beneficial, not spending my weekends searching for surf, allowing other activities to occupy a similar space. So with that said, take a look at some of the stuff we'll be taking with us on our #WESTx1000 adventure.

Salty Habit

James, Lola and Mick surfing a south swell near San Diego. Brought to you by Bing Surfboards.

Fresh Film

Maybe five or six years ago, my uncle gave me a Pentax K1000 35mm film camera that belonged to my grandmother. Entirely unaware of how to use the thing, I took it to a friend who showed me how to load (and unload) film, adjust aperture, shutter speed, etc. The first seven or eight frames were shot in and around my father's apartment, when I still drove a Mustang and managed a motorsport blog. The next few frames were taken at my apartment on Alki, when famed automotive photographer, Linhbergh, was staying with us for the weekend. The remaining frames were shot within the last few months, somewhere near Seattle. Honestly, there's nothing special about any of these images, aside from the fact that they prove film is far more interesting than any other photographic medium, especially the prosumer products you see in the hands of just about every housewife.

South Swell

Alex Knost surfing an early summer swell in Southern California. Shot and edited by Matt Grote.

An Off-Road Entrance Exam

I was apprehensive. In nearly two years of riding - six-months of which I spent bike-free in Los Angeles - I (shamefully?) never slid through gravel or trek up a steep, narrow, dusty dirt trail. So I hope there’s an understanding why, upon hearing the game plan for the weekend, my sphincter wound up tighter than a nun in church. Unbeknownst to my comrades of course... You can’t show fear or you don’t get invited to the fun!

The first day, as recorded in my last entry, was slippery and hot and left me bruised and exhilarated. Grass covered fields pose their own difficulties, but none that shake me all that much. Little did I know, day two turned out to be a long, sun-beaten drive with endless corkscrews and pop-up straightaways that brought me from 20 to 65 miles-per-hour. The latter occurring more when I’d try to catch up. It was beautiful, it was challenging (enough), it was quick, but still, it was paved.

The third day. This was the day I’d been waiting for. All the other days leading up were just preliminary. This was the day my boyfriend would either confirm his endless confidence in me, or develop in him a silent anxiety about the 120 pound weight he’d be carrying if I “crashed and burned,” so-to-speak. But riding gravel and eventually riding soft packed dirt wasn’t what I expected!

California Dreaming

In the midst of Britain’s stormy winter, James Parry escapes to the sunnier side of the pond.


At the end of October, Kyra and I will embark upon an epic motorcycle-meets-surf adventure. The idea is to ride a pair of dual-sport motorcycles from Long Beach to La Paz and back, more than 1,000 miles each way. Our goal is to witness the start of the 47th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000, which will take place on November 12th in Ensenada, before riding south toward Scorpion Bay... and beyond! Our adventure will be featured in Overland Journal and SLIDE Magazine, as well as on Indefinitely Wild and Expedition Portal. A short film, edited by Pursuit of the Arbitrary, will highlight our experience, in addition to long-form editorial and photo features which I will produce.

Once we return to the United States, we'll curate a collection of images which will be displayed in Caffé Vita coffee shops up and down the west coast, as well as a debut at Deus Ex Machina in Venice, CA. The intention of our trip - other than the adventure of it all - is to utilize small displacement dual-sport motorcycles to explore the Baja peninsula; searching for surf, camping along the coast, eating interesting things and meeting extraordinary people along the way. We'll take advantage of any opportunity to ride off-road, avoiding highways and overpopulated areas at all costs. We'll carry only the essentials, eat and drink only what we can afford, and travel as fast (or slow) as we feel like.

This is neither the first nor the last time someone traveled south to surf, but I feel we'll be able to add a little excitement to what is already sure to be an interesting adventure - riding small displacement motorcycles more than 2,000 miles to witness one of the most spectacular motorsport events on earth, the Baja 1000.

WESTx1000 is brought to you by Caffé Vita Coffee Roasting, Wolfman Luggage, ICON 1000, Topo Designs and Tellason Denim. Take a look at our Tagboard for additional info.


James Parry aboard his Bing 'California Square Tail' in Encinitas. (via Longboard Retro Days)