Transcendental Delusion

Cole and Caelan Burford surfing a variety of pig shaped Hobie Surfboards somewhere down south...

Scenes From Silverado

I picked up an old Ricoh FF-90 point-and-shoot camera about a year ago. I found it at a thrift store in Sequim. I think I paid $2.00 for it. The first few rolls I burned weren't bad. It was fast and fun, and something I could shoot shitty Kodak through when I came across it - you know, the expired stuff, or the box of Fujifilm 400 you find in the bins at your local Goodwill. Anyhow. I shot a handful of photos while we were visiting Mike and Cindee a few months back. Nothing to write home about, although I am pretty stoked on the shot of Kyra taking a shower outside (BEWARE OF BUTT!). What follows is the result of my most recent roll - what will likely be my last with the ol' FF - as it's time to take the new T2 out for a spin!


Solid shredding from some of those dudes down under. Shot and edited by James Smith.

A Nightmare of Note

I had a nightmare the other night. The kind that startles you out of sleep and won't allow you to go back bed. A perplexing experience. I was running late to catch a bus to go to a class that I was already late for. I was in Washington, as evidenced by the damp grass and grey skies that surrounded me. It was either early morning, or perhaps shortly after sunset. An ambient light was just over the horizon and the air was cool but not cold. I was walking along a narrow stretch of trail that ran alongside a parking lot for some kind of massive shopping complex. Negotiating my way around some caution tape that was laid out in an oblong shape directing me around some unknown obstacle, I felt anxious.

I looked at my watch - it was nearly nine. I hurried. The trail twisted out ahead of me - a lone stretch of single track across an otherwise empty grass field. Just as I was about to enter a dark space in a tree lined patch of woods, what appeared to be some type of tunnel that would eventually lead me to my beckoning bus stop, a voice called out... "Part of you is ready to meet him, but part of you isn't." At that moment a man, or maybe a creature, shrouded in darkness came bounding toward me down the path from whence I came. It traveled in a neolithic fashion, hunched over using its arms to propel itself forward at a pace I couldn't outrun. But I tried. It was too dark to see. Too dark to know what it was. I ran, looking over my shoulder, trying to decipher what was chasing me, and why. All I knew is that I wasn't ready to encounter it. Whatever it was. And that I needed more time. As the creature drew close, its shadow enveloping me, I called out, "No! Not yet," holding my arm outstretched in an attempt to prevent this thing from doing its bidding. And then I was awake.


Corey Colapinto surfing some empty So Cal spots. Shot and edited by Evan Adamson for


Been offline for a bit. My bad. As you may or may not know, Kyra and I just rode an Indian Scout and Scout Sixty from California to Key West. A story highlighting our adventure - dubbed #Scouts_Honor - is being featured in eight parts on Motorcyclist Magazine's website. You can also expect to see something in the July issue of their print publication. In the mean time, read all eight of our online updates HERE.

Leche Miel

"Nathan Adams and Kameron Brown travel to Central America to visit their friend Benny Geren, and the favorable surf conditions of the region." Shot and edited by Thomas H Green for Almond Surfboards.

Future Islands

What I've been listening to lately... Can't tell if I'm more mesmerized by the sound or the showmanship.


I don't really miss living in LA, but I definitely miss these sort of mornings... Keila Moniz cruising Malibu.

Have A Great Flight

What I've been listening to lately...


Sliding C-Street accompanied by the sounds of the Simple Symphony English Chamber Orchestra.

Dragoon Brewing Company IPA

Unbeknownst to me, there were a lot of alright IPAs being brewed in Arizona prior to our arrival. SanTan's HopShock and Moon Juice, AZ Wilderness' Refuge, Mother Bunch Brewing's Old Skool and Black Hole's Comet IPA are all solid sippers. Now if you know anything about me, you know I like my beer bitter, with all the IBUs and at least 6% ABV. My math works like this: 70 IBU and 7% ABV is just about perfect, assuming the "brewmaster" has a palate that I'd appreciate. Anything over that 7% ABV mark will have me chewing my face and talking like a pirate.

Considering the fact that I'm rather particular when it comes to my IPAs (I recently poured a few down the drain... I know, FOR SHAME!), I was pleasantly surprised when we wandered into the Dragoon Brewing Company in Tuscon, AZ and they poured me a pint of their IPA. What they consider 'West Coast Style,' the Dragoon iteration of an IPA is "deep gold in color, featuring a dank, herbal, citrusy hop aroma supported by a sparse malt backbone. It is appropriately bitter, with a relatively high alcohol content." So there you go! At 7.3% ABV and 83 IBUs, it's a pretty perfect match with my brilliant Beer Math.

Available in four-packs at Whole Foods (at least in AZ), Dragoon's IPA is a damn fine beer that might be better than most of the IPAs featured in our Brew Reviews. That said, and like a lot of other wonderful beers being brewed by small shops all around America, it's hard to find, easy to drink and will leave you wishing you'd gone for the growler.