Let's Go Home...

"A different kind of life in the Philippines for Carla Rowland." Shot and edited by our friend, Ian Zamora.

Dust Bowl to Pleasure Dome

Beautiful bit of film featuring Mick Rodgers, shot and edited by Soren Heil.

ICON 1000 Elsinore Boots

I fell for ICON’s Elsinore Boots the moment I set eyes on them. They were in a photograph that Justin had shown me on Facebook, modeled by his friend and ICON press-rider, Alicia (aka MotoLady). It was less "love affair" than "mild obsession," but I couldn't imagine getting back on a bike without those boots. At the time, we were living in Los Angeles and owning motorcycles without a parking spot didn't make sense. I would have to wait a couple more months before riding was even possible, so I put any thoughts of owning a pair of ICON's on the back-burner. However, I can't say I didn't spend moments checking out pictures and reviews online until that time… Did I mention that this was an obsession? Days and weeks passed. Soon, the idea was born to embark upon an adventure through Baja - aptly named WESTx1000 - on dual-sport motorcycles to witness the 47th annual Baja 1000. This developed the need for appropriate riding gear. Immediately, my thoughts were the ICON 1000 line (accompanied by a devilish grin). Cue: Elsinore. At Last!

Hullway 101

Hulls, bowls and other odd things at the 'Queen of the Coast.' Brought to you by The Surfer's Journal.

Facelifts & Furtherance

We recently updated the ‪#‎WESTx1000‬ website! Check out the articles (and images) published on Gizmodo, Expedition Portal and ADV Pulse, as well as some additional info about our adventure.

Dedicated to the Craft - Matt Chojnacki

Stefan José and McTavish Surfboards highlight the life of contemporary loggin' legend, Matt Chojnacki.

Two Outta Three

We returned to Washington the last week of June. The day we departed Los Angeles I woke up early, ate toast and drank coffee, then dropped Kyra off at dance school before heading north toward Malibu. I surfed for a few hours, packed my board back into the van and drove into Los Angeles for the last time. That evening, after Kyra's long awaited showcase, we loaded a few things we'd left lying around, said our goodbyes to Stella, Ryan and his adorable daughter, Ella, and then hopped onto Highway 101 headed north toward Washington.

I suspected that that morning at Malibu would be the last time I surfed for awhile, but I had no idea just how long I'd have to wait. It was bittersweet. Weeks passed, and while I heard rumor of waves and weekday surf sessions, we were in the midst of planning a motorcycle trip to Mexico, which left little time (or money) for weekends without wheels. I went once, maybe a month ago, and caught a small swell and offshore winds. We surfed into the early evening. I can't believe it had been two months since I sat atop a surfboard!

It's odd, the fear that comes from not doing something you're good at. Afraid you'll forget, I suppose. And then the next thing you know... it's as if you never missed a moment. A pig beneath me, paddling over wind scraped swells, dropping slowly into something, taking a step from the stern, increasing speed, then back to the tail, nose up and she'll come around. Honestly, it had been more than a few months since I surfed the swine, having spent most of my mornings at Malibu aboard my BNLW. So that Monday was special, even if the waves weren't. And so was last weekend. I'm looking forward to a few more before Baja.

CJ Down Under

CJ Nelson testing South Coast Surfboards' new Noserider somewhere in OZ. Found on Foam Symmetry.

Off-Road Inspiration

Kyra wrote an article for ADV Pulse about how to inspire your wife or girlfriend to go on an off-road motorcycle adventure. All of the images were shot by Laura Murphy and myself during our recent twenty-day, twelve hundred mile trip around the Pacific Northwest. Click here to read what Kyra wrote.

Fluctus Splitters

Trailer for a forthcoming 40 minute film shot entirely with Super 8mm. (via Longboard Retro Days)

Twelve Hundred in Twenty - Part Two

I could say all sorts of stuff about these images. I could write endlessly about our twelve hundred mile, twenty day motorcycle trip around the Pacific Northwest. About the food and the friends, the sun and the sand (dunes) we saw along the way. But honestly, I think these images speak for themselves. From long nights on Lummi Island to "castles" along Washington's north coast, our trip was eye opening, exhausting and incredible. We learned a lot and experienced everything we ought to. Stay tuned for an article on Expedition Portal penned by Kyra. In the mean time, enjoy the images and comment if you care to.

The Californians

Check out this trailer for Jamie Budge's classic surf flick, "The Californians." Makes me miss Malibu...