Seeking For New Port - Tofino

'Seeking For New Port' is a web documentary project directed by Marc-André Laurin in collaboration with GotSurf. For this installment the crew head to the small Canadian town of Tofino on Vancouver Island to take a look at the burgeoning surf scene. Featuring Raph Bruhwiler, Catherine Bruhwiler and Kalum Temple, this short bit of film highlights one of the Northwest's best kept secrets. At least for now.

Video comes courtesy of Stoke Harvester.

Additional info is available here.


Two Flat

Hoping to avoid the shit show that is Christmas, Karissa and I planned to head west first thing Sunday morning. But with heavy winds and precipitation in the forecast, we decided to skip surfing and stay home for the holiday. Monday was a different story. We managed to get out of bed at a reasonable hour, load the Subaru in record time and catch the 7:50am ferry. Dawn patrol? Not quite. But who gives a shit. We were in the water before noon.

A western swell pushed past our favorite point break. It was flat as a pancake. There was one person in the parking lot who said he'd had a few chest high waves earlier in the day. King tide killed it, though. Crescent was big, but closing. There were only a few people in the water when I paddled out. First wave was a right. I hate rights. But I had a reasonable ride. Second wave I went left. Looked good... at least from my angle. The rest of my waves were rights. Short but sweet. Last one swallowed me whole :(

Can't complain, though. A bad day in the water beats a good day in the city.

Freedom to Foam

Here's a quick look at Cyrus Sutton's latest film, "Freedom to Foam," which features some of California's best surfers and shapers. A film that was never released outside of Japan, "Freedon to Foam" is now available to those that contribute more than $50 to KorduroyTV's Kickstarter campaign.

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Don the Beachcomber

There are few things I enjoy more than a Mai Tai. So when I was in Los Angeles last week for the International Motorcycle Show, I took it upon myself to visit Don the Beachcomber's, what some consider the birthplace of the tropical cocktail.

Established by Donn Beach, who according to Wikipedia "is the founding father of tiki restaurants, bars and nightclubs," Don the Beachcomber's has been in business since 1934. Located on the Pacific Coast Highway near Huntington Beach, Don's is everything you'd imagine it to be; a classic post-war Tiki bar full of bamboo, wicker and strong drink.


Wizard In Black

Some nice noseriding courtesy of Banjo McLachlan and The Gentlemen's Surf Club.


Katin Surf Shop

During a recent trip to Long Beach for the International Motorcycle Show, I managed to stop by the Katin Surf Shop in Surfside. In business since 1959, Walter and Nancy Katin began making board shorts after a local surfer suggested they use their skills sewing canvas boat covers to produce a pair of shorts that he could surf in. According to their website, "Walter went to his sewing machine and with the help of the sturdy boat canvas whipped up the first pair of Kanvas by Katin surf trunks." Word of Nancy and Walter's creation quickly spread and the Katins were suddenly in the surf trunk business.

Tipping Barrels

'Tipping Barrels' is a short film produced by Rene Gauthier and Michael Reid. Described as a "unique combination of surfing and environmental journalism," the film follows surfers Arran and Reid Jackson on a trip into the Great Bear Rainforest, where they learn about the region and the issues confronting it.


So Good

Saturday was so good. Woke up a little late, loaded the car and hit the road. We ate chicken and cabbage piroshky at a coffee shop next to the ferry terminal. Two hours later and we’re in the water. There were a dozen people in the lineup. Two older gentlemen with a pair of matching longboards. One of them was a solid surfer. I watched him drop into a handful of head high waves. Karissa paddled out just as I caught my first. It was big. Easily overhead. But I didn’t do much with it. Second wave was bigger yet. Steep face. I dropped in, made a sharp turn and took a few steps forward. It was a long left.


Keala's Hawaiian Coffee

After moving to Seattle from the island of Oahu, Sean Lee opened Keala’s Hawaiian Coffee, a small batch coffee roasting company located in Ballard. Looking to “create a coffee company that truly reflects the quality and pride in craftsmanship that Hawaiian coffee farmers have in their trade,” Sean blends a variety of beans from around the world to create “a coffee better than the sum of its parts.”

Staying true to his Hawaiian roots, Sean has been able to combine his passion for small batch coffee roasting with the knowledge he’s acquired working in Seattle’s cut throat coffee industry, to create “a product as exceptional and multi-cultured as the people of Hawaii.”

Available in three different blends; Hapuna Espresso, Na Pali and Nana's Decaf, Keala's Coffee can now be found at a variety of local grocers, as well as on their website. Click here for additional info.


Accept Kooks

A few weeks ago I blogged about surfing in the straits. I wrote about my desire to surf more in the winter and my experience doing so that particular weekend. A week later I received an anonymous comment suggesting that "no one needs a commentary on our winter season, accept kooks." I disagree.

While I understand the commenter's concern that my blog may draw unwanted attention to otherwise vacant surf spots, I do not believe that I have spilled the proverbial beans. If you want to surf in the Northwest, there are only a few places to do so. And they're not crowded, even when we think they are.