From the Phone - Vol.2

I can't always carry a camera. And honestly, a lot of the time I prefer not to. Able to enjoy the world around me without feeling like I should be "capturing the moment." Because sometimes the memory of a thing is greater than any image - your imagination filling in for what might be missing. I do, however, have a phone in the front pocket of my Mountain Briefcase, and it, like most phones nowadays, has a camera. A damn good one at that. But in my efforts to enjoy instead of immortalize, I fail. Often. It's called Instagram, and like a lot of social media services, it's an addiction. But for those of you unaffected by this affliction, here's a handful of photos from the last few weeks.





Short Sticks.


Lazer Beams.

Corn Binder.

Travelling through time...


Independence Attire.


Dinner Date.

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