Beatles, Bikes and Boards

Sir Paul McCartney played a sold out show at Safeco Field on Friday night. 45,000 people. Apparently he's popular. And while Paul played 'Hey Jude' to a swirling mass of moms and dads, us creatures of the unusual stood shoulder to shoulder, cold cans in our claws, admiring the work of quite a few craftsmen. Bikes built not to set land speed records, but to transport someones soul. And surfboards shaped in the sixties, when surfing wasn't a sport. Two Tribes sharing a space, exchanging ideas.

There were friends, and friends of friends, and even some family. There was talk of travel - breakdowns and bad days and secret surf spots down south. And while our friend Paul made parking a pain in the ass, people still showed (much appreciated, I might add). Probably because motor bikes and surfing boards feed a feeling, and if you've experienced one, you can appreciate the other. Follow the link for a few photos from Friday nights Two Tribes show, our second annual custom motorcycle and classic surfboard celebration.

We had a damn good time. And it couldn't have come together without the help from a few of our friends; Shawn Paul Jennings, Rick Knapp, Gabe Wasil, Thom Jones, Gabe Johnson, John Logic, Patrick 'Duffy' De Armas, Matty Vanatta, Tug Boat Ty, Matthew Oswald, Brennan Coyle, Karissa Coffey and someone I can't seem to remember. Much appreciated.

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