Sticky Bumps - Classic Wax

A few months ago I received a care package courtesy of Wax Research Inc. In the box was everything from Basecoat and 'I Love Boobies' wax to some extra sticky stuff and a couple bars of this stuff. They call it 'longboard wax for the mal-adjusted,' and it's an 85 gram stick of cool-cold water wax that worked well on my Blue Banana this past weekend. Application was rather intense. Board was wet so it required a bit more elbow grease than I expected. But once it was on, nose to tail, it felt like 1000 grit sandpaper. Sticky, but not something that'll leave white streaks on your wetsuit. In the water the 'Classic Wax' kept me firmly affixed. On my feet it felt, well, I don't know. With 7mm boots it's hard to tell. I didn't slip or slide, though. A thin layer was all that was required for four hours in forty-nine degree water. Perfect? Pretty much. Click here to learn more about Wax Research Inc.

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