Camping Crap 2.0

Towards the end of October, following a summer filled with camping on the coast, some ne'er-do-well broke into our Subaru and stole all of our camping equipment. A sleeping bag, our camp stove and cookware, one of our headlamps and a handful of other shit. Sad story. And the cops don't care. It didn't seem to sink in, though, as we hadn't been camping in a couple of weeks. But now, with the weather turning from shitty to sunny, it was time to equip ourselves for the coming camping season... again.

Luckily I work for a company that sells accessories for adventure motorcycles, to include camping equipment. So before I left my office on Friday I picked up a few things - MSR Dragonfly Stove and 30oz fuel bottle, a Quick 2 cooking set and Flex Skillet, a set of Alpine Folding Utensils, an MSR Pack Towel and MugMate Coffee Filter, two Therm-a-Rest travel pillows and a Princeton Tec Fuel Headlamp.

Most of what was taken has since been replaced. And what better a weekend to test out our new kit then this past one. Sixty and sunny. Overhead and offshore. Two days of camping, cooking and surfing. Sure doesn't get much better than that. Stay tuned for a few photos.


Sadtaco said...

Fucking theives. I hate thieves more than anything; and MSR isnt cheap.

Jovie said...

I have one of those pillows. They're awesome! I'm almost ready to trade my bedroom pillow in for one, they're THAT comfy!

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