Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Skipped town around four on Friday. A long line at the ferry meant we wouldn't see the sea until after seven. Decided to stay in PA. Up early and on the road before breakfast. The sun was in the sky. Over our shoulder as we went west. We knew it would be windy. NOAA was reporting 25kt winds from the east. They didn't disappoint. Jeff calls it "Indo-Buck." Offshore and overhead. Beautiful blue water. Surreal.

Wind and white water when we arrived.

Sneak peek.


Brought the Bing.

The second session.

This won't end well.

Offshore wind served up some tasty rights.

No idea who this is. Nice wave, though.

Had a handful.

Karissa cooking dinner.

Shortly before sunset.


Additional images are available here.


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So cool, thanks for the stickers. Love PBC, headed up to Seattle for my Uncles 50th and taking the coast from Neah Bay down to San Diego. Shall make for a perfect trip. Thanks for sharing, looks so cool.

David Lindley
Carlsbad, Makakillo, Scottsdale, Alameda

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