West End Surf & Skate

Located just off of Highway 101 in "downtown" Forks, the West End Surf & Skate is a small shop owned and operated by my friend Darren and his wife Leah. The West End is the only shop in the area and stocks a wide variety of surfboards, skateboards, wet suits and casual clothing.

After moving back to Washington from the island of Kauai, the pair decided to open a surf shop, looking to combine their love of surfing and the Northwest with an eclectic and old-fashioned aesthetic.

Karissa and I met Darren and Leah last summer at a kids camp put on by the Surfrider Foundation. Honest and interesting, we shot the shit long after the last kid clamored out of the water.

Additionally, the West End graciously donated a number of things for Tim Nelson's 'Back in the Water' fundraiser we threw a few months ago. Neither of them kenw Tim, but were more than happy to help.

Speaks volumes.

So if you find yourself on that side of the state, be sure to stop by the West End and say hello.

Additional info is available here.

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TiffyCha said...

We went there Years ago and spent so much time in that shop. Darren and Leah are amazing people.
Did they close down?

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