Back In The Water

My friend and fellow surfer, Tim Nelson, was struck by a semi-truck while running to work Monday morning. Tim resides in West Seattle and in an attempt to avoid the congestion brought on by the closure of the Viaduct, Tim decided he'd rather get a little exercise and simultaneously reduce the number of cars on the road, than drive his truck to work.

Tim is currently in intensive care at Harborview Medical Center. His back was broken, as well as his right shoulder, right arm and a few ribs. His skull is fractured, a lung punctured and his spleen lacerated. His injuries are severe, but his spirits are high.

We will be hosting an event at The Capitol Club on Friday, November 11th to raise money for Tim's financial recovery. In addition to raffle tickets and a silent auction, our friends from Stoke Harvester are working on a limited edition sticker that we will be selling in hopes of garnering additional funds. All of the proceeds from the event will go directly to Tim.

A vibrant member of our surf community, we'd like to see Tim back in the water as soon as possible.

Any support you're able to provide is greatly appreciated.

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Chris Nelson said...

I don't think I can attend, as I work on a 911 ambulance in Denver and am a P/T firefighter (how ironic is that?). But, I'll chip in any way I can.
Thanks for doing this, guys.

Anonymous said...

Justin, if possible, please do share details about how to help if you can't attend the 11/11 event. Tim- I admire your spirit and wish you the speediest possible recovery!

Jan Schmitt said...

Please keep us updated here. I am in Arizona and cannot attend, but will contribute.

Drew Kampion said...

Anyone know how Tim Nelson is doing now -- in January of ’12?

Justin W. Coffey said...

Hey Drew,

Tim is alright. He was out of the hospital within two weeks of the accident, and even attended the fundraiser we organized for him! He still lives in West Seattle, surfs and runs.

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