West Coast Road Eats

While attending community college and looking for a place to develop my writing skills, I worked as an editorial intern for Citysearch, an online resource for restaurant and retail reviews. During my six month tenure at Citysearch, I worked under a young woman by the name of Anna Ross. As it turned out, Anna had attended the same high school I did and had since received an English degree from the University of Southern California, before taking a job as the editor of Citysearch's Seattle office.

She was quick to point out grammatical mistakes, happy to help when I asked for it and encouraged me to pursue projects that I might have otherwise neglected. Anna has since left Citysearch and is now a content manager for Demand Media. She is also the author of West Coast Road Eats, "the definitive guide to the cuisine of the West Coast."

On a recent trip to Cambria, a sleepy town on the coast of California, myself, a co-worker and two Canadians, were struggling to find good food along the I-5 corridor. I sent Anna a text asking if there was anything good to eat between Redding and Sacramento. She promptly replied, suggesting that we stop at the Olive Pit for a Muffuletta. She also suggested I purchase a copy of her book ;)

Well, I kept my promise and picked up a copy. And for those of you travelling south, or north for that matter, I recommend you do the same. It's not just a travel guide, but the story of Anna's nine month mission to document the wide variety of food available along the western coast of the United States.

Click here to purchase your copy of West Coast Road Eats.

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