Third Beach

With a promising weather report and swells that were supposed to be overhead, we loaded the car and headed for the coast first thing Saturday morning. Instead of a day trip, I decided to rent a cabin at Three Rivers, a "resort" located some six miles east of La Push that I've stayed at since I was a kid.

The cabins are cozy. Well worth the $79. We arrived around noon, unpacked and headed for La Push. The swells were as promised, well overhead, but breaking on shore.

There were a few people in the water, most of whom were sitting atop short boards. I wasn't in the mood to paddle into overhead beach break with my big Becker, so we decided to hike into Third Beach.

The trail to Third beach is roughly 1.4 miles long. Well groomed. Nothing serious. We hiked in around 3pm, watching the sun fall between the trees. There's a lot to see along the way, including a wide variety of flora and fauna, to which I am rather unfamiliar.

I've hiked into Third Beach before. Usually in the winter. This time, however, the sun was still in the sky and it wasn't raining.

Can't complain. Beautiful beach. Not a place you'd want to surf, but certainly somewhere to eat lunch and get away from, well, everything.

Additional images available here.

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