Peaks Brewpub

Peaks Brewpub is the only brewery in Port Angeles. They've been in their current location since April of 1999. It's a dive bar by all conventional measures; pool table, pull tabs and big screen televisions, but Peaks is different. Beside brewing their own beer, they also have a handful of guest taps, most of which are occupied by local brewers. The hamburgers are respectable and their french fries, which they bake instead of deep fry, are delicious.

Of the seven beers they are currently brewing, my favorite is the Wanda-Fuca Gold, a pale ale named after the owner's wife, Wanda. It is similar in taste to Mac & Jack's 'African Amber,' however the Wanda-Fuca has a honey finish and is a bit hoppier. Karissa likes the Train Wrecked IPA, a dry hopped version of their Wanda-Fuca, and the Mt.Pleasant Porter is pretty damn good. But I like dark beer.

They just bought a new pool table. The old one was a proper piece of shit, with torn cloth and an uneven surface. Haven't taken the time to play recently, as we're always in a hurry to catch the ferry, but I think I'll have a go the next time we're in PA.

Oh, and they sell beer to go. They have a wide variety of both bottles and cans, most of which come from local breweries. They haven't bottled their own beer, but from the sound of things they plan to.

So the next time you're headed to that secret spot in the straits, stop by Peaks and have a beer, or two!

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