ICON 1000 Elsinore Boots

I fell for ICON’s Elsinore Boots the moment I set eyes on them. They were in a photograph that Justin had shown me on Facebook, modeled by his friend and ICON press-rider, Alicia (aka MotoLady). It was less "love affair" than "mild obsession," but I couldn't imagine getting back on a bike without those boots. At the time, we were living in Los Angeles and owning motorcycles without a parking spot didn't make sense. I would have to wait a couple more months before riding was even possible, so I put any thoughts of owning a pair of ICON's on the back-burner. However, I can't say I didn't spend moments checking out pictures and reviews online until that time… Did I mention that this was an obsession? Days and weeks passed. Soon, the idea was born to embark upon an adventure through Baja - aptly named WESTx1000 - on dual-sport motorcycles to witness the 47th annual Baja 1000. This developed the need for appropriate riding gear. Immediately, my thoughts were the ICON 1000 line (accompanied by a devilish grin). Cue: Elsinore. At Last!

The first opinions formed of the boots were given by Justin. Turns out the first package we got from ICON containing my (typically) size 6 boots were a little too small for me, so I had to wait patiently for a half-size up. We are avid riders so the men's version of the Elsinore was put to the test immediately. They are not every man's style - best fit for him was when worn over fitted jeans or under ICON's Citadel Pant – and they can (in either brown or black) look a little like 'moon boots.' If you're the kind of man who attires himself like a character from The Road Warrior (which by the way is awesome), then the boots would suit your look quite well. For women, on the other hand, they are an eye-catcher. Adorned in my Elsinores, not a man or woman - wherever we'd go - could pull their attention away from my feet. We've witnessed gazes from all sorts of people, at all different ages, for all sorts of reasons. Additionally, I can easily slip into my Citadels without having to remove the boots. It's convenient when the sun is blazing, and I need to wear shorts but don't want a hassle getting my gear on and off. When it's anything but hot out I can pull them over my fitted Tellason (Bird) jeans. The more fitted the jean the better harmony with the boot, however, the five strap alloy-buckle chassis up the calf helps with quick adjustments. It also adds to the apocalyptic appeal!

Aesthetic aside, Justin had raved about how comfortable the boots were. I noticed this too when I received mine. I felt a bit clumsy at first - boots are stiff out of the box - but they break in quickly, so I was back to my agile self in no time. The Elsinore's are light enough to go from 'moto-ride' to 'stroll' and back again. I wouldn't recommend them on a hike or in the sand (learned this the hard way) because in order to maintain their integrity they are bulkier and heavier than a hiking boot or tennis shoe. They are protective gear for goodness' sake! The cushiony cupped ankle support, stamped metal heel plate and internal steel shank make a serious orthopedic tank that allows you to boldly ride dirt 'n' desert - or concrete… or just kick an ass! Although not quite waterproof, I've remained dry in misty fog and light rains. I haven't worn them while puddle jumping or in downpours, but they don't boast to be all-weather. That being said, the boots - which are warm yet breathable - have kept me comfy in a cool environment without the muggy sauna effect. They’re really superb for temperate weather, and, they only become a little overbearing on all-day rides in hot, HOT heat (but even then I don't care to take them off).

Good riding gear should possess a few distinct qualities. A: Jackets, pants, boots (especially in this review) need to be comfortable. You have to wear this stuff wherever you go for however long in whatever weather. If you're expected to be fully aware of your surroundings and react to obstacles both known and unknown, you shouldn't be spending your energy fussing with your attire. B: They need to keep you safe – there’s nothing like losing a shoe in an accident, right? Being cheap, looking the part or being ignorant aren't good reasons to get road rash, break bones or even worse in an accident. If you can prevent it, do it. If you don't give a shit… try not to give advice. C: "A & B" were not meant to take away from aesthetic appeal. There are too many great gear manufacturers out there that have a variety of looks, sizes, styles, colors and all the other bells and whistles to decorate you like a paper doll (or dude). What you wear can make a statement about “you” before anyone gets the pleasure of hearing your voice. Go big! Tell people about “you” from a mile away, or let them ponder your mystery. Whichever it is, make it you and make it count. In a world where "A, B and C" mean "comfort is key," "safety's essential" and "style is luxury," ICON’s Elsinore Boots possess "E: All of the above."

This review was written by Kyra Sacdalan.

WESTx1000 is brought to you by Caffé Vita Coffee Roasting, Wolfman Luggage, ICON 1000, Topo Designs, Tellason Denim and Danner. Click here for additional info about our adventure.


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