Fresh Film

Maybe five or six years ago, my uncle gave me a Pentax K1000 35mm film camera that belonged to my grandmother. Entirely unaware of how to use the thing, I took it to a friend who showed me how to load (and unload) film, adjust aperture, shutter speed, etc. The first seven or eight frames were shot in and around my father's apartment, when I still drove a Mustang and managed a motorsport blog. The next few frames were taken at my apartment on Alki, when famed automotive photographer, Linhbergh, was staying with us for the weekend. The remaining frames were shot within the last few months, somewhere near Seattle. Honestly, there's nothing special about any of these images, aside from the fact that they prove film is far more interesting than any other photographic medium, especially the prosumer products you see in the hands of just about every housewife.

This camera will accompany us to Baja in October. Stay tuned for additional images.

Click here to learn more about our upcoming adventure.

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