Akela Surf's Zebra Dress

I’ll admit, at first I was skeptical of Akela Surf’s Zebra Dress: the material, the shape, the stripes. These were qualities a bit unfamiliar to me. I’m a petite lady, meaning loose fitting, thick strapped items tend to display me on the “frumpier” side. It was only on a surf trip to Malibu that I understood what had been missing from my life.

Triangularly cut with wide arms, a crew neck and, yes, thick straps made the dress incredibly easy to put on and off. This could be a feature completely overlooked by the average vested woman, but to an avid nature dweller, ease is as important as comfort - which it was just that. Covered in sand 'n salt and sticky from sweat, I had no problems slipping on my Akela dress to slip -more like peel- my wet suit off. I typically opt for a towel which can be cumbersome and precarious. The dress however gave me plenty of room, kept me modest and draped me stylishly. Best of all, because of the thinner (bathing suit?) material I was hardly concerned about getting my dress wet. It warms and dries on a quick stroll in the sun to your post-surf gelato.

That’s all fine and good right? But what about the look? Well... my eyes have been opened! I’ve never been one for stripes, let alone black and white, but my boyfriend with his skillful eye helped me “see the stripe”. The colors (or lack-there-of) keep the outfit neutral and versatile. Plus, who doesn’t look good in black and white? Oh! and did I mention the tiny little skulls and fins and anchors (Akela’s logos) they sprinkle subtly all over their apparel and suits? I’m a nut for attention to detail, and those details were not left unseen. The pocket, though it seems mostly decorative, fit my gigantic phone, cards, money, and/or id effortlessly. It’s also not a bad place for a hand... if you’re into that sort of thing.

The pattern combo’d with the petite size and loose cut of the dress stays fresh and cute instead of overwhelming. I’m not “leggy” and I thought the dress highlighted my legs quite well. It’s even better when you accessorize! I simply cinched the waste with my reddish colored chambray and felt less beach-standard and more LA-luncher. To an active and avidly traveling lady like myself, that’s a useful set of looks. My list of necessary attributes in clothing include comfort, ease, versatility, durability and, of course, style. Akela’s striped Zebra Dress-slash-Tank checks off everything on this list.

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This review comes courtesy of Kyra Sacdalan.

Photos come courtesy of coolisacolor.

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