Homecoming Queen

As far as I'm concerned, coming home from Costa Rica couldn't have been any harder. Similar to our other tropical surf trips, returning from fifteen days of... well, you know, was rather difficult. The grey skies, the cold climate, the wearing of the wetsuit - all of it sorta sucks. Add to that the lack of waves the first weekend we went out, as well as some social drama that seems increasingly silly given the circumstances, has made for a rather rough couple of weeks. And now, eighteen days after we landed in Seattle, I'm still feeling disenchanted with Washington; eager to explore other areas, or perhaps live somewhere where the surf is across the street. Daydreaming? Not quite. It can be incredible, the Pacific Northwest, I won't deny that. But it can also be overwhelmingly awful. And sometimes it seems really stupid - surfing up here. Driving four hours for nothing. Keeping things quiet. Complaining when it's "crowded." I don't know, I guess I am just having a really hard time adjusting to what we came home to... winter in Washington.

Mighty fine swine...

Wish Was.


Ya better believe...


Surf Thump.

Grocery Getter.



Le Squish.

A bit better...

Nighty Night.

Photos courtesy of Karissa_Would.

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