Pelican Pub's 'Bad Santa' Cascadian Dark Ale

The Pelican Pub & Brewery in Pacific City, OR is one of our favorite places to enjoy a beach side beverage. Sitting in the sand a short walk from the surf, the Pelican Pub offers a wide variety of ales, pales and IPAs, as well as an assortment of seasonal beers, including their 'Bad Santa' Cascadian Dark Ale. A dark brown beer with "good clarity and a roasted malt and earthy hop aroma," Bad Santa is bitter like a lot of the winter beers we've had, but features a maple syrup sort of flavor at the finish. Brewed with an abundance of Fuggle hops, this dark ale would pair well with clam chowder or chili. And while I can't say it was Karissa's favorite, I did notice our bottle of Bad Santa went bye-bye real fast ;)

You can find Pelican Pub's 'Bad Santa' Cascadian Dark Ale at Full Throttle Bottles.